Hong Kong trams

Hong Kong Island is served by a privately operated tramway line that runs east - west across the island between the suburbs of Kennedy Town and Shau Kei Wan. The system also has a single track loop line branch that services the suburb of Happy Valley. The line also has a number of short workings.

The elderly four-wheeled double-deck trams that operate the line are justly world famous. Many have brightly painted advertisements. They brought back memories for me of the Ballarat and Bendigo tramways, with their four wheels grinding around curves.

Most tramcars have been updated; however I observed one tram (120) that had not been converted to the latest body style. One tram (28) has been converted for use as a tourist tram.

The service on the line is very intensive, with a very frequent headway. However, trams often bunch up.

The system is well maintained. On my visit in October 1999, I observed track work and overhead repairs. Traffic management treatments to support tramway operation are extensive. Most stops have safety zones. Despite the dense urban development, there are sections of reserved track.

Enjoy the images of Hong Kong Trams !


This view shows trams 9 and 38 in Morrison Street, at Connaught Road West, at the Western Market. Both trams are heading in the same direction along this one way street. The track on the left is part of the loop for short working Western Market trams. Number 9 is about to turn left and head west toward Whitty Street, while number 38 is about to turn right and return towards Shau Kei Wan. Photo taken on Wednesday 13 October 1999.


Tramcar 63 bound for Causeway Bay leads a bunch of four double decker trams in Cleverly Street, about to turn into Des Voeux Road Central, at Western Market. The second tram is number 120, distinguishable by its unconverted body style. A fifth double deck car is seen waiting to turn into Cleverly Street from Connaught Road West. The intensity of this tram service is just incredible. The track on the left is to enable shortworking Western Market trams to turn back towards Kennedy Town. Photo taken Wednesday 13 October 1999.


Tram 87 in Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, bound for North Point. Photo taken Wednesday 13 October 1999.


View of double decker trams 62 and 65 in Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan. Number 62 is bound for Shau Kei Wan. Photo taken Wednesday 13 October 1999.


In this busy scene at Western Market terminus, in Des Voeux Road Central, trams 20 and 18 wait at the safety zone before turning round the block and heading back eastward. Two other trams wait before continuing their journey westward. Photo taken Wednesday 13 October 1999.


Passengers board the rear door of tramcar 157, as it waits to head east along Yee Woo Street, Causeway Bay, bound for North Point in the late afternoon of Friday 15 October 1999.


Tramcar 120 was photographed at the safety zone in Causeway Road, Causeway Bay bound for Western Market in the late afternoon of Friday 15 October 1999. Note that the body of this tramcar has not been updated in the same way as other trams. In particular, there is no skirt round the base of the tram, the windows are wooden-framed and there are more side windows on the lower deck compartment. Note also the relatively recent track crossover behind number 120.


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