Tuen Mun Light Rail Transit system

The area of Tuen Mun, in the New Territories of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is served by a modern Light Rail Transit System, operated by the Kowloon Canton Railway Company (KCR).

The system was built as a turnkey contract by a consortium of Leighton (an Australian construction company) and Melbourne's Metropolitan Transit Authority. The Project Manager was the late Mr Dudley Snell, whom I was fortunate to meet in his capacity as Chairman of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board.

The system is constructed mostly in separate right of way, although there is a small amount of street trackage. There are some very interesting track arrangements. For example, the station at Siu Hong is at a triangular junction with platforms within the triangle. There is also at least one flying junction, while the station at Tuen Mun Central has four tracks. The station at Ferry Terminal has five platforms.

Enjoy the images of Tuen Mun Light Rail cars !


This view shows light rail car 1052 at the Melody Gardens stop, bound for Ferry Pier. 1052 is typical of the first series of light rail cars built for the opening of the system. Melody Gardens is the last stop before Ferry Pier, on the line that heads west from Ferry Pier (before heading north). In the background of the picture is Castle Peak, which towers over the Tuen Mun area. Photo taken on Saturday 16 October 1999.


Light rail vehicle 1101 was photographed at the Ferry Terminal waiting to depart for Yao Oi. 1101 is one of the second series light rail cars built in the mid 1990's by A. Goninan. Photo taken Saturday 16 October 1999.


Unknown numbered first series light rail vehicle under construction for the Tuen Mun system. The car was photographed on the Commonwealth Engineering test track at its factory at Dandenong, in Melbourne, Australia in 1987.


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